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Love Music, Love Events.


DJ's are an essential part of any event and should never be overlooked. A DJ can provide so much more than just playing music. They can direct and manage your whole event.We meet you before your event to ensure every detail is in place for the perfect event. We can sit and discuss every element including, timings, layout, music selection and which members of your party should be included in the event. This makes the running of our events simply perfect. Our DJ's are very carfully selected to make sure we deliver quality over quantity. 


Scott Brooks

 Scott is a professional DJ who has 11 years experience in the industry and is always well received by his growing list of clients. Scott's music knowledge is outstanding and he instinctively knows what to play and when to play it. A very approachable DJ who is always happy to accept any play list you may have. Equally he is happy to have a chat with you to discuss the finer elements of your special day. Scott is also very happy to perform at other events . All events are contracted for peace of mind and Scott is very open to chat and go through every detail regarding your special day. To book Scott or enquire please feel free to use the contact page. 

“His professional nature was very reassuring, as well as his genuine interest in the industry, not just from a musical perspective but in fashion, the minor details etc.”

Emma & Steve 

“When booking a DJ for your special day you want someone who is as passionate about your special day as you are. Scott is clearly passionate about his Art and that comes across in his work.”

Warren & Jodie

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